Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Signing off...

...on Blissful Running. I will now be full time over on The Jogging Concierge.

Thank you to all who followed me on my journey to the Maine Marathon. Please follow me onto my next journey!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm a Marathoner!!!!

So sorry I haven't posted my last two weeks of training runs, but I ran the Maine Marathon yesterday and I finished!!! I certainly didn't break any records (even any that I set for myself) but I wanted to at least finish without being hurt and I did!! And I had a smile on my face at the finish line. And tears once I saw my mom.

My time ended up being 5:27:50 which is a 12:34 pace. The first half with David was pretty steady at a 10:30 pace but not long after we reached the half way point, I was having trouble with my left foot, calves and hips. I think I may actually favor my left leg while I'm running which is why my foot felt as tight as it did. I had to stop a few times and stretch my calves out and at one point, we found some military personnel who were marching the marathon and they were so helpful by giving me some ibuprofen. After that, I also stopped at a first aid station and the guy there helped me loosen my left sneaker (at this point, I couldn't bend down myself.) After that, I started feeling a whole lot better. Once we hit the 22 mile marker, my energy came back and I was able to run the last four miles without stopping and without any real pain.

So to break down the mileage:

1-13(ish) miles, pace was steady and we did the half in 2:26 (there was a mat that was clocking us). Not my fastest half but not my slowest!
14-17 miles I was starting to ache and had to take some walk/run breaks. I breaked at every water station and stretched for a bit. We talked with some people who were doing the marathon in walk/run patterns. It was great talking to people who had ran marathons before and one guy said that we should be proud doing this at all. David then chimed in that if it were easy, everyone would do it.
17-22 miles things started going downhill. I was fed up and didn't think I would be able to finish at all. We found the soldiers and they were able to give me some meds and then we found the first aid who loosened my shoe. We walked for a few, just letting everything sink in, then...
22-26.2 was Hello energy! I just picked up my legs and they didn't feel like they were dragging. I was smiling and David and I even started singing "The Gambler." My mind was off of whatever pain I was having and I was actually enjoying the race. It also helped that right over one of the hills, I could see Portland. Around the 25 mile post though, it's kind of a tease because you can see the finish line over the bay, but you have to first run around the bay to get to it. I was feeling great though and I even bolted across the finish line! And I saw my dad around the last turn and then after the finish, I saw my mom, who was crying. That made me cry.

More to come!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Training Week #16

Oh I've been so bad lately! I've been working too much on my other blog. Which is coming along nicely! Come on over and visit. :-)

Monday - Rest - Went to the doctor's and he said that my knees were inflamed. He recommended knee exercises, ice after every run and ibuprofen. Other than that, I'm cleared for the marathon!
Tuesday -
Day in Provincetown = lot's of walking
Wednesday - Strength Exercises - Found out Grampy passed away :-(
Thursday - 2.8 miles @ 26 @ 9:20
Friday -
6 miles @ 55 @ 9:06
Saturday -
Spent time at the 'rents house, going through photos for Tuesday
Sunday - Long Run 12 miles @ 1:53 @ 9:23

I was totally surprised by my 12 miler. I have NEVER been able to get that kind of distance in that amount of time. This week was supposed to be the 21 miler, but after noticing a lot of other marathoners having their longest run be 3 weeks out (this would have been 1 month out for me) I decided to change up the training. That will at least allow for the long distance to still seem fresh.

Total miles: 20.8
Total miles since training started: 369.2
Total miles on new sneakers: 356.2

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Training Week #15

I forgot to post my training run on Sunday! D and I ran our 19 miles on Sunday and then I had to race to work that nigh. Monday and Tuesday were super busy and yesterday my Grampy passed away unexpectedly. :-(

Monday - Long Run 15.5 miles @ 3:09 @ 12:13
Tuesday -
Rest Day
Wednesday - Strength Exercises
Thursday - 5.4 miles @ 50 @ 9:16
Friday - 4.1 @ 38 @ 9:22
Saturday - Worked a 12 hour shift
Sunday - Long Run 19 miles @ 3:50 @ 12:06

Total miles: 44
Total miles since training started: 348.4
Total miles on new sneakers: 335.4

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Blogs that is.

I've decided to create a new blog documenting my career as a concierge as well as my love for running. Well, right now I don't love running but that's because this marathon is wearing me out. Once that's over, it's back to running for fun! Yah!!

But please check it out! I'll probably still update here every week up until the marathon, but after that I'll be signing off here and posting solely as:

The Jogging Concierge

Still in the works...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Training Week #14: Listening to my body

This was an extremely low mileage week. I ran my long run on Sunday, Monday I rested and Tuesday I realized that my knees were achin'. I decided to do the Stretch X from P90X. They felt sooo good.

Monday - Rest after the long run the day before
Tuesday - P90X Stretch X
Wednesday - Attempted 5 miles. After the first 1/2 mile, my left knee was feeling a little bit of pain. Stopped, went home and RICE'd it
Thursday - 4 miles @ 37 @ 9:15. This actually felt slow to me but I like the time! And my knee wasn't bothering me
Friday - Rested again and knees are feeling better
Saturday - Rest, rest, rest. I really think I needed this because my knees feel great
Sunday - Early morning Army thing with the hubs. Resting up for tomorrow's 20-miler. Hopefully with the much needed rest, I'll be rejuvinated and my run will be successful. It's also supposed to be in the 60's with light rain. Yes! Relief. :-)

Total miles: 4 (hopefully this will prove positive for my run tomorrow!)
Total miles since training started: 304.4
Total miles on new sneakers: 291.4

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hoping for the best

Lately, my knees have not been my best friend. First they were just feeling tight, so I tried to stretch more. Then it felt like the rest of my muscles in the legs weren't strong enough, so I did some strength exercises. Now, when I tried to run this morning, there was a slight pain right in the middle of the knee cap. Normally I would run and hope that it just "fixes" itself but lately I've been hearing about people who run through the pain and end up getting seriously hurt. I will gladly risk taking a few days off from running to make sure that doesn't happen. I do have a long run on Monday (20 miles) and I definitely want to make sure I'm in good shape for it.

The last time I ran was on Sunday and I'm definitely getting antsy. After my non-run this morning, I RICE'd it (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for a little bit and right now it's not bothering me at all. And that's a good sign since I'm standing right now at my desk. I'm going to attempt to get some mileage in tomorrow (lowballing for 5, aiming for 8) and hope that it won't twinge again. But we shall see!

And to be proactive, I set up an appointment with my doctor for Monday the 30th to make sure that I'm not completely wearing out my knees. I'd hate to give up the marathon if I've ended up burning myself out.

Wish me luck!